Day two – CMWC Pre-event

Day two of CMWC Pre-Event was predictably a slow start, we arrived 3 and a half hours late and people were looking like they just reluctantly rolled out of bed, after a few more hours […]

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Pre-Event Welcome Alleycat Vid

Last nights welcome alley cat, the winner was Darcy who blows smoke when he skids (see 00:28sec in video)
Music by : Flamingo – Drip Away (ft. Hunt)

Sydney Pre-Event opening Alley Cat from jambijambijambi on Vimeo.


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Day 1 of CMWC Pre-Event

It was the first day of the pre-event yesterday, where the people that have been here for a week and the people that arrived just that morning came together to register and grab their Australian […]

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Alley Cats are hard

Music – Harts – Angels Walk Below
When I get a manifest in my hand and look down at addresses matched with questions my mind switches to total panic. I can’t recognise streets that I go to […]

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In Preparation

CMWC Preparation from jambijambijambi on Vimeo.

It was our first time down in Melbourne with the ability to ride around and see it with a view from the pushys. It was a thrill because it’s […]

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A few weeks ago we flew down to Melbourne with Azbot to meet the people making CMWC happen. Alan, head organiser man, gave us a place to stay, beer, and a lot of his weekend time. We met the […]

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CMWC Pre-Event in Sydney

SYDBMA Pre-Event Rego Drive from jambijambijambi on Vimeo.

Last week we had about 3 months worth of rainfall in two working days; in a city that barely has rain like it, it coped very well, it had a […]

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SydBMA’s Group ride

SydBMA is hosting the Pre-event for the 23rd Annual CMWC at the end of march, a decent amount of effort is being put in to entice you to come to Sydney to hang out before it […]

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