The Opera House, a destination to remember

This race was the kick off of the Pre-Event for CMWC in Sydney. Bike couriers from Europe, the US, Canada and elsewhere had arrived that day and now we were all clumped together on Foley […]

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Bart and Lara CMWC photos

Neville Fucking Bartos. He was hospitalised because he patted too many mangy dogs in central america and got a liver infection so had to stop couriering in Sydney and couldn’t compete at worlds. We knew he […]

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The Edge of Work and Party

Melbourne CMWC 2015 had been in planning for a long time, but I can’t remember when I first cared about it. Dan and I never thought we would still be in Sydney when it was […]

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Day Three of CMWC 2015

This is the final clip in the day series. All the footage we have collected will now be put to creative use and put up in the weeks to come. This video was guest edited […]

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CMWC in Pictures

A collection of photos from the last two days – the qualifiers and the main race. Drag and drop till your heart is content we dont mind at all, and if you want, tell people […]

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Day Two of CMWC 2015 – Qualifiers

Everyone got a chance to ride the brilliant race arena yesterday in the qualifiers. The course was fast and confusing, hundreds of meters of red tap wiggling in the wind in front of you as […]

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Day One of CMWC 2015

First day of CMWC 2015 in Melbourne. Cracking weather and a massive amount of redonk.

Music – Niko Niko – Chika 2

First Day of CMWC 2015 from jambi-jambi on Vimeo.

Music – Roky Erickson – Night of the […]

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Road To CMWC – A Group Ride – 2015

The Group Ride is over, it was massive, it was brutal, it was fun and it was beautiful. We sat around in campsites talking to each other about what it’s like couriering in our own cities […]

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