A personal blog about Cycling, traveling, living. 

This blog has worn many hats, it started as a place where family and friends could see pictures of was then a blog about Dan and I travelling. We toured by bike extensively through Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. We since then have split, Dan returning to Canada from whence he came and me to Australia. This website is continuing as a personal blog of my own (Jorja Creighton) as I continue to travel and cycle.

I am a working messenger in Sydney, cycle educator at BikeWise, journalism student and budding bike mechanic at Cheeky Transport in Newtown.

Messenger in London 2010-2012
Bike toured London to Rome 2012
Messenger in Sydney 2013-current
Bike toured from Japan to Western India 2015-2016
Hunt 1000 Canberra to Melbourne  1000km off-road (incomplete)

Dan can now be found at his Instagram 



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A short coverage of the Cycle Messenger World Championship