Crust Bikes Tour Down Under

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I wrote a piece for the Radavist on the ride. This is a repost - but included are previously unseen photos

The Hunt 1000 Part 2

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Part two of the Hunt 1000 - A story of a rocky and slow traverse across the romantic Australian high country.

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The Hunt 1000 Part 1

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The Hunt 1000 - A difficult off-road traverse across the great dividing range of NSW and Victoria’s high country. Through rough and rocky fire trails, alpine walking tracks, and rugged land from where the most iconic stories of Australian bushman were born.

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  • Daniel Fuller in Myanmar

Why You Should be Cycling in Myanmar! Like…Right Now.

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With impending tourism doom there has arguably never been a better time to go to Myanmar

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Riding the Rotang Pass

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Getting over the Rohtang pass and into a desert inside the himalayas was, to me, an obvious and undeniable example of my strength.

♀Tourer in India | A Film|

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Cherrapunji is a short about finding enough courage to set out alone on a bike tour. In a broader sense it is about women who do something courageous.

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  • Jorja Creighton jambi-jambi cycling in Himachal Pradesh

Sexual Harassment in India

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My cycling experience through Punjab and Himachal Pradesh so far has been sexy.

Meghalaya to Sikkim: Intensity of the Plains

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An epic adventure in the remote and hilly region of Sikkim.

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  • jorja creighton jambi-jambi camping

Camping in a Storm

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You know whats a great idea? Camping during monsoon season.

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Gear Review

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It's been 7 months and we are reviewing our gear. Fun fun fun

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A short explanation of what Jorja has been doing with her time these past 3 weeks.

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