♀Tourer in India | A Film|

Bike Touring, Cine, India|

Cherrapunji is a short about finding enough courage to set out alone on a bike tour. In a broader sense it is about women who do something courageous.

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  • Myanmar roads

Bike Touring Myanmar

Bike Touring, Cine, Myanmar|

Camping, not camping and being inspired by Myanmar's amazing colours and a whole lot of photos.

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  • Feature image for Vietnam video jambi-jambi

5 Days in Vietnam

Bike Touring, Cine, Vietnam|

A montage of video from our 5 days in Northern Vietnam. Also including a righteous likes and dislikes section

jambi Days, 4 Rivers Bike Path Edition

Bike Touring, Cine, South Korea|

A single day on the 4 Rivers bike path in South Korea. It was blurring by so we slowed down and took a good look at it.

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Bike Touring Osaka and Shikoku: A Short Film

Bike Touring, Cine, Japan|

It's like we keep diving deeper into water but finding richer air to breathe.

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A Short Short of Bike Touring Japan

Bike Touring, Cine, Japan|

A short from our first week of cycling.

What Gear are we Taking? Part 2

Bike Touring, Cine, Gear|

Part 2, bike talk, art kit, camera gear and unsexy stripping

What Gear Are We Taking? – Part 1

Cine, Gear|

We are taking the bare minimum...and so much more

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Our friend with the wobbliest of cocks...Tim Shakeshaft

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23rd Cycle Messenger World Championships Video

Cine, CMWC 2015|

Look upon the colourful, crisp footage of the 2015 Cycle Messenger World Championships

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Alley Cats are hard

Cine, CMWC 2015|

Music - Harts - Angels Walk Below When I get a manifest in my hand and look down at addresses matched with questions my mind switches to total panic. I can’t recognise streets that I go to weekly. My pen hovers over the page dying to touch down and try to order each checkpoint. I scan [...]

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