Riding the Rotang Pass

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Getting over the Rohtang pass and into a desert inside the himalayas was, to me, an obvious and undeniable example of my strength.

♀Tourer in India | A Film|

Bike Touring, Cine, India|

Cherrapunji is a short about finding enough courage to set out alone on a bike tour. In a broader sense it is about women who do something courageous.

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  • Jorja Creighton jambi-jambi cycling in Himachal Pradesh

Sexual Harassment in India

Bike Touring, India|

My cycling experience through Punjab and Himachal Pradesh so far has been sexy.

Meghalaya to Sikkim: Intensity of the Plains

Bike Touring, India|

An epic adventure in the remote and hilly region of Sikkim.

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  • jorja creighton jambi-jambi camping

Camping in a Storm

Bike Touring, India|

You know whats a great idea? Camping during monsoon season.

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Bike Touring, India|

A short explanation of what Jorja has been doing with her time these past 3 weeks.

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The Hard Part of Bike Touring Isn’t The Cycling

Bike Touring, India|

Cycling really is the easiest part of cycling around the world. This is Shillong to Tura in Meghalaya.

North East India: Manipur, Nagaland, and Assam

Bike Touring, India|

Breaking the 6 month barrier in North East India, running on the fumes of my bones, and finally reaching the Scotland of India

  • Jorja creighton cycling through India

6 Months on a Bike Tour

Bike Touring, India|

Cycling in north east India - it asks you the big questions.

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Crossing an Indian Border by Bike

Bike Touring, India|

Manipur and mountains, Assam Rifles checkpoints and Drew. The end of Myanmar and the start of INDIA

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