• Lewis Ciddor

How to know when you are happy?

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You aren't being a dick, and you are forgiving.

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Couriering In New Cities: upsides, downsides, and my side

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What it's like couriering in different cities, starting over, the positives and negatives, London-Sydney-Toronto

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How to be Competitive at CMWC

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The massive, somewhat stupid event of the Cycle Messenger World Championships happened in August and this was Jorja's first real attempt at being competitive.

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Last Day of Work

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Capturing the last day of work with a roll of film.

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Be a Good Courier

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Reflecting on what basics I learnt now that I can no longer call myself a courier.

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Diary Entries of A Courier Girl

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Opening up my crinkled and grease marked diary for ya'll to gander at.

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Daydreams, Studies and Menstruation

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Too much information apparently about Arts and Crafts Week at Panty Camp.

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Learn to Appreciate Friday Afternoons

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Using a disposable camera on a Friday afternoon to capture that universal Friday fizz!

  • operacompressed

CMWC Pre-Event Alleycat

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Danny talks about his first win but losing experience.

  • jumping

Bridge Jumper

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  The metal, industrial beast My friend Bart told me about a system he uses to encourage him to try something new, he calls it ‘life points’. You don’t have a bank of points it’s just a term to remind you to do something challenging. I liked his system, without noticing I had [...]

  • xray3

Crashed Bambicoot

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I broke some small bones in my back in a late night crash a while ago; they’re the best ones to break. Little things called spinous and transverse process that support muscles and ligaments. They can break into your spinal cord, the doctors all tell me I’m very lucky. My GP explained in graphic detail how easily [...]

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