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Diary Entry – February 2017

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A no frills - short diary entry, with spelling mistakes and poorly used language - that's what a diary entry is.

  • jorja creightons Surly long haul trucker

On Returning Home [Diary Entry]

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The experience on the return to work after a long bike tour, being newly single and evolving as a cyclist.

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Being a Grubby Woman

Bike Touring, Odds & Ends|

Hygiene (or lack of) and cycling around the world.

  • marc

Sk8 or Don’t

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Sk8 or Dont (Worldwide) the best Instagramer in lo-fi rural skating (this is an updated article). Originally featured in 2014.

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Embroidered Maps

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Smashing into the embroidered art scene with these must have pieces.

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Crossing the Threshold: Starting a Long Bike Tour

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"I should say, I have no interest in becoming a hero"

  • danwith bike

Touring Byron Bay to Taree

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I have never had a better start to a New Year then this one. We have been having the same discussion for a while now and it’s probably getting annoying for everyone to hear but you know, we are definitely most certainly going to leave to cycle around the world this year. Guiltily we have put [...]

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Life before: Dan and I lived in a perpetually dusty warehouse studio, with nearly no light with shadows cast over most of the room. We lived in Limehouse in east London, it was one street away from the Thames and had an attitude and character that only someone who lived in Limehouse could feel; it was […]

  • Bobjackson

Bob Jackson World Tour

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I read Road to Wigan Pier and Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell after having Animal Farm handed out in a high school English class and my life seemed to change track. Not that I’m now a monumental hero instead of a drooling townie drunk. It just made me want to read more and more [...]

  • newyork


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We left Nova Scotia 2ish weeks ago. We were lucky to have a ride from Coldbrook to Boston, and loaded up with snacks and our luggage we set off at 4.30 in the morning somewhat towards Australia. The people of Boston were bloody awesome! The homeless to the rich where all beautifully delightful, it was [...]

  • bbb

Bay of Fun

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Now that Nova Scotia is my daily view I’ve found it hard to write about it in any interesting way. For a week I have been dissecting the world around me; I have been comparing, sitting, watching, listening, strolling, photographing, noting, pondering and touching the things around me in the hope to have something worth [...]

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