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Established in Beijing in September 1995, Beijing Beier Bioengineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of in vitro diagnostic reagents, with the “Drug Production License” and “Medical Device Production License”. The quality system has passed the national drug GMP certification and ISO13485 certification. After years of unremitting technological innovation, Beier Bio has established a comprehensive and strict scientific research, production and quality system, and formed multiple detection platforms of enzyme-linked immunoassay, colloidal gold, magnetic particle chemiluminescence, biochemical, molecular, automatic equipment etc., and drive the common development of all the platforms.  It has now become one of the companies that has the most diverse in vitro diagnostic products in China.

The company has an outstanding professional talent team and strong scientific research development. The company has undertaken the national 863 plan project, the national 12th five-year emergency project "prevention and control of major infectious diseases such as AIDS and viral hepatitis", the national 13th five-year key project "development of diagnostic reagents for sudden acute infectious diseases", Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission emergency project "R & D of new rapid test cassette for new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) antibodies ".  The company holds multiple new drug certificates, dozens of invention patents, and developed a series of in vitro diagnostic instruments and reagents that can be used for detection in all scenarios. 

Since the establishment of the company in 1995, through years of independent research and development and innovation, the company has a complete product range and has accumulated a rich product line. It currently has more than 200 registration certificates for in vitro diagnostic products. Among them, the company's eugenic products are the first domestic products approved for entry into the market. The quality of products has achieved full marks in the external quality assessment of the Ministry of Health for 15 consecutive years. The company not only has the most complete product line for the differential diagnosis of respiratory pathogens, EB virus and viral hepatitis pathogens, but also has the most comprehensive magnetic particle chemiluminescence product portfolio in China, mainly includes the fields of enzyme-linked immunoassay, colloidal gold immunochromatography and magnetic particle chemiluminescence technology, covering detection of eugenics, respiratory diseases, EB virus, hepatitis, autoantibodies, tumor markers, thyroid function, liver fibrosis and high blood pressure etc.  In addition, the company has self-developed automatic magnetic particle chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers, POCT analyzers and other supporting diagnostic instruments. It is one of the companies in China that offers a variety of immunodiagnostic products, and one of the domestic companies that can provide comprehensive immunodiagnostic solutions.

The company has established a very comprehensive and strict quality system. It has passed the national drug GMP certifications for multiple times and passed the ISO13485 quality management system certification for 3 consecutive years. The perfect quality system guarantees the consistency and stability of the product quality. The sales revenue has continued to grow since the establishment of the company.

Beier Bio takes human health as its mission and focuses on exploring new areas of detection. At present, the company has formed a pattern of group development and diversified product platforms, and has the ability to provide one-stop comprehensive testing solutions for clinical laboratories.